Cozzini 901

AR-901 Seal Orientation and Cutting Head

Cozzini - Pump

AR-901 Spares

OEM Part Number Plate Size
EP-104012 1.2mm
EP-104014 1.4mm
EP-104016 1.6mm
EP-104020 2mm
EP-104024 2.4mm
EP-104030 3mm
EP-104032 3.2mm
EP-104040 4mm
EP-104048 4.8mm
EP-104050 5mm
EP-104056 5.6mm
EP-104060 6mm
EP-104064 6.4mm
EP-104080 8mm
EP-104099 9.9mm
N/A 10mm
N/A 13mm
N/A 18mm
EK-1215 Knife - 5 Arm
EK-1216 Knife - 6 Arm
EK-104850 Insert
EM-1087 Cutting Head Seal
EMM-9008-1 Disc Spring
EM-1014 Gristle Ring
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